A Quick View of Some of the Best Android Games of 2017

Lots of Android games exist now because of the booming population of game developers and availability of development platforms like Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4. There’s also a radical change in design, especially if you consider the transformation from 8-bit models to 3D-rendered characters. Every year has its own set of best games that captures the attention of the gaming community. Since the year is coming to an end, let’s take a look at some of the best android games of 2017.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Asphalt Street Storm

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Genre: Racing

Price: Free

Gameloft is back with its third installment of the Asphalt series for Android. The game comes with a multiplayer mode where 4 players can race online. It also gives the real vibe of street racing, since you can now bet on other player’s races. If you’re not confident with your gambling skills, you can still enjoy the single-player modes such as normal races, daily car trials, exclusive races, seasonal leagues, and the newest champions clash.


Basketball Hero

Basketball Hero

Want To Shoot Some Hoops and Break Some Ankles? You got the right game for you.

Genre: Sports

Price: Free

If you’re a fan of the old FreeStyle Street Basketball game on PC, then this game is for you. Basketball Hero is a 3-on-3 basketball MOBA game. You’ll be able to choose your desired position, and you can hire different characters as you progress in the game. You can even buy fancy clothes for your characters and teach them moves such as double crossover, dive, powerblock, fadeaway jumper, stepback, etc. Players can showcase their skills in the ladder match, and non-hardcore players can play the career mode or challenge a friend to a 1-on-1 game.


Infinite Loop

Genre: Puzzle

Price: Free

The aesthetics of this game proves that it deserves a spot on the list of best games. Infinite Loop is a puzzle game where the goal is to connect each path by changing the direction of each item. The intricate design created with each turn makes the game hard, yet pleasing to the eyes. This characteristic of the game will surely give you a feeling of Zen. It’s an awesome game if you have nothing else to do, and you want to challenge your brain.


King’s Raid

Genre: RPG

Price: Free

King’s Raid managed to set standards when it comes to card-collecting RPG games. Most of the games in this genre would often offer the same features such as long storyline battles, world raids, and an online arena. The thing here is that during these battles, you’re just watching your champions in the battlefield. King’s Raid solved this problem by designing a continuous flow of battle where players can activate skills without waiting for a turn. You can even spam all your skills the moment you see your opponent. This feature makes the arena worthwhile as you play with your opponent in real-time.



The quality of game development in Android is growing extensively, and more games are waiting to be integrated with new technologies, like voice recognition and virtual reality. Soon enough, the Android platform will be filled with awesome and exciting games.

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  1. With the development growing in android phones, they can surely keep up the same specifications as computers. Even the games in other gaming consoles can now be played in android phones.

  2. Still Asphalt games still maintain their quality game with better graphics and exciting and interesting updates.

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