The Future of Web Design

People ask: What lies ahead for the internet and web design? This question is very important. Our lives are intertwined with the internet, and as the universe evolves, the internet evolves too – and at a high rate of speed. Where are we heading to over the next 10 or 20 years? Here’s how we envision it.

It’s going to be page-less

It’s not exactly without having a single page. What we see for the future is that smart sites will make use of only one page to interact with visitors and drive sales. There’ll be no more confusion over a myriad of elements – large parallax images, sliders, side or top navigation, sidebars with several links, etc. What they will have are only the visitor, the story, and the main objective for which the site has been built.

Data will meet design

The web world is looking forward to a future period where businesses will make the effort to bringing design and data together. The designs of tomorrow will be geared toward creating an experience that cares to the user, and use data and analytics to make the experience contextualized and personalized. We’re talking about giving an experience that’s specifically meant “for me” and not “for someone else.” You don’t talk to me as a visitor “who’s between 30 – 50 years old.” You talk to me as “me.”

Advantages of Web Designs for UX, UI and SEO

The future of web design is that developers will have to create technology and devices that will improve UX, UI and SEO.

  • User Experience (UX) – When talking about UX, we’re referring to touch points that a user can have with a company. Good web designs promote customer satisfaction and drive sales. Providing an excellent experience helps create constructive word-of-mouth. It also leads to increased loyalty among customers, and therefore repeat business.
  • User Interface (UI) – Designs will provide better user interface. That is, users will be enabled to accomplish tasks as simple and as time-efficient as possible. Attractive images are great, but the core purpose of a good UI is to give users a smooth and intuitive experience.
  • SEO – We’re also looking forward to designs that are SEO-effective. Web designers are moving forward with the idea of crafting designs that can attract search engines through content that’s easy to understand. It’s going to be a lot of work, but everybody’s just excited about how they can make a contribution, whether it’s about domain, CMS, indexation, link structure, hosting or whatever it is in SEO that they can put their hands on.

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