Top 5 Worst Video Games of All Time

Aaaaah video games! As good and exciting as it may sound, every gamer has a bad video game story to tell. You may hear a gamer say stuff like “What a waste of money!” or “I should’ve just rented a movie!” Because in reality, not every video game is as great as it sounds, or as cool as how it was advertised, and we can’t help hating them.

As the saying goes, “It’s not a mistake to make a mistake, but it’s a mistake to repeat the same mistake.” So nuh-uh! We don’t want another awful video game. That’s why we’re listing the worst video games of all time to help gamers and game developers stay away from video games that suck (Yes, prepare for more hate).

The Worst of The Worst

Game: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – Atari (2600)


The Alamo Dumpsite Is Filled With These Atrocious Games.

We love the movie E.T. and all, but this video game is just the worst. The hate for this video game isn’t deeply rooted from the graphics (And don’t even start to talk about the graphics). It sucked because the concept is just lame and nothing is exciting about the game at all. Basically, you’ll just fall into a pit over and over again for who knows what for, and random people would follow you and you just wouldn’t know what to do with them. What makes the game worse are the footstep sounds the characters make (which sound like squeaky toys) and how E.T. flies awkwardly to get out of the pit.

Game: Shaq-Fu – Genesis & Super NES

Shaq-Fu. Well apparently the developers of the game couldn’t come up with a more striking title. Who the fudge would name their game Shaq-Fu? It sounds like a name of an Asian restaurant. And even the storyline is a mess: Shaquille O’Neal was in downtown Tokyo and accidentally happened to visit a small Kung Fu dojo, and the old man at the place starts talking about Shaq being the “Magic One”.

Shaq was clueless and all, but then the old man starts saying: “No time to explain! Go through this portal–find Nezu–and save him before it’s too late.”

Then, tadaaah! Shaq entered the “second world”. Great. Even a 10-year old can come up with a better intro for the game. And the thought that Shaq was doing Kung Fu explains why the game has received so much hate.

Oh, there’s a site made to destroy all the copies of this game too. Check out if you still have a copy to be dismantled.

Game: Superman 64 – Nintendo 64

Major cringe! The game is just pathetic. Who would’ve thought we’d witness Superman practice his tricks for the circus. Like seriously? Circus Charlie is so much better. For those who haven’t seen or played the game, during the first stage, the gamer would have to make Superman fly through a series of rings PERFECTLY or else you’d have to go back to the very beginning (I know, so much hate). Though there are other tasks to be completed in the game, the rings just wouldn’t stop! The controls of the game are so bad, and it doesn’t even provide gamers enough time to read the instructions. And it’s a Superman game! We want action, not to see him fly in the most awkward manner you can imagine.

Game: Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (A PC game)

A very important note from gamers: Do not buy this game! Plus the developers of the game lied. It isn’t racing as the other trucks DO NOT move. It’s just a truck you can bring wherever, literally wherever. Your truck doesn’t hit anything, basically unstoppable and invincible – even defying the laws of gravity. And the graphics are a total disaster. Nothing much to say about this game because there’s nothing to do in the game.

Savor AVGN’s antics with this video about the dreaded game. Note: This video is not under our property.

Game: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Nintendo Entertainment System

dr jekyll

The Game Is The Same As This Photo. Low Quality.

This game is absolutely impossible to win. Game instructions are confusing, controls are awful, and everything is a pure mess (including the graphics and sound effects). For example, enemies are difficult to identify in the game. Some would cause damage, some won’t. We don’t like inconsistencies, do we? The story is also poorly written. It’s far from the novel from which it was based (Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). Probably every single person who’s played the game wondered why enemies in the game want to kill Jekyll when it’s Jekyll who’s the “good guy”. Piece of advice: If you’re having any thoughts of trying the game, please don’t. Just don’t.


These are just few of the worst games created in the history of video games. The list is definitely long and you probably have a bad video game you’d like to talk about. We just hope that the video games to come are worth our money, time, and effort.

So please, no more bad video games. All the hating makes us feel exhausted.

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  1. Back when I was a kid, my mom bought me a Shaqfu cartridge for my birthday. It’s like giving me a piece of turd.

  2. Most of the people prefer the gameplay more over on the graphics. So in today’s generation, we can enumerate that.

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